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we make growing your business a little easier!
Are you looking to save time and money or to keep your "secret recipe" secure in your restaurant or food manufacturing facility? Let YRU Cooking make your custom blend seasoning for you. It's not uncommon for our customers to discover that not only can we improve the consistency of their spice blend recipes, but we're often able
to make it more economically than they can (if they are using top quality ingredients and not just
the cheapest spices they can find.
our experience
Typically, we've found our custom blend customers have their expertise in other parts of the business and blending their own seasoning blends takes them away from what they do best.
our typical custom blend customer
In addition to providing custom blends for multiple independent restaurants and several regional restaurant chains, we have also provided custom blends for pizza sauce, soups, gravy, jerky, sausages, and prepared meals. We've also worked with several very successful butchers. No one has to know that you are not creating these blends in house. We can private label and package under your brand identity.
Getting started
We have a vast library of existing formulations available for reference or we can use your existing recipe. We'll provide a non disclosure agreement prior to you sending us your recipe and all custom seasoning blend recipes submitted are kept in strict confidence for additional piece of mind. Once we have your recipe, we'll do a sample batch so that we can finalize pricing and then ship you the sample so that you can compare the flavour profile with your existing blend.
And, maybe best of all, there are no step 200 lb - 500 lb minimums to get us started. Our custom blend minimums are as low as 20 lbs. and our sweet spot is custom blends that run in the bulk of 40 lb - 200 lb range.


we provide quality standards
in consistency and great client support


We custom blend your recipes for medium-scale production and distribution so that you can dedicate more time and energy on building your business.


We offer operational efficiency in packaging your food products for small to medium-sized markets.


We work closely with our customers to collaboratively problem solve the production process and establish an important level of trust and transparency.


We streamline the recipe formulation process while providing consistency in each batch using best quality raw ingredients. Our skilled staff will guide you from recipe formulation to manufacturing execution, in a seamless, cost effective process!
Reduce inventory 
and capital costs
product consistency
Exact portion 
control packaging
Protection of
proprietary ingredient lists
Stringent quality 
Ship directly to your
facility or distributor


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